Beramal dengan ilmu dan pengalaman mulai dari rencana, organisasi, kontrol sampai evaluasi. Diharapkan dapat mencerdaskan bangsa demi negara tercinta, NKRI. Semoga bermanfaat bagi nusa dan bangsa.

General election: Political Contract

Our country will become what ? if our leaders promise to citizens, as follows:
1. Guilty of no collision of social economy culture in runs development program, including program population.
2. Conducts bureaucracy reform by, for example:
  • Conducted recruitment employee through independent professional institute;
  • Conducts promotion and [position/occupation] mutation with transparent and accountable based on membership, competence, and experience;
  • Gives information service about government duties and answer underwriter each government duty and contact address, like call-number, email, etc through prasarana Information Technology;
  • Conducts action coherent to government officer is anticipated involves acts KKN (collision, corruption, nepotism), asocial, and other deviation form by reports to authoritative institution, not only administrative sanction.
3. Deductive poorness level in significant from year to year during tenure;
4. Hold high principle pluralism and multiculturalism in government service;
5. Plans and uses budget based on principle accountabilities, efficiency, effectively, and with justice;
6. Compiles report the usage of budget with transparent and easy accessed by public;
7. Conducts quick handling listens carefully and optimal efforts maybe in every disaster casualty;
8. Gives accesses public service for poorness group.




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5 Responses

  1. YIM berkata:

    Hmmmm…. 🙂

  2. cenya95 berkata:

    @american: thanx ping baliknya

  3. […] Our country will become what ? if our leaders promise to citizens, as follows: General Election Contract […]

  4. cenya95 berkata:

    @Retno Damayanthi: sama-sama, thanx

  5. Retno Damayanthi berkata:


    ultah ya? happy birthday..! hehehe…

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