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Free of Poorness with concept of SMART at Muba

Sub-province of Musi Banyuasin (Muba) is a part of south Sumatra province. Its position is at 1,3 degrees – 4 transversal degrees south and 103 degrees – 105 longitude East degrees. On the north of this area abuts on Jambi province. In south abuts on sub-province of estuary Enim. On the west with sub-province of Musi Rawas and in east with sub-province of Banyuasin. The Resident’s Amount Muba sub-province around 473.795 souls. They live in the region for the width of 14.265,96 square kilometres. The topography situation in sub-province of Muba actually less advantageous. Because, 69 percents of its region consists of lowland area. This condition results expense that is required higher compared to other areas exists on the highland.
Nevertheless, that condition is not barrier for sub-province of Muba to be advanced. Proven, at this time Muba sub-province has succeeded release it-self from poorness shackle. Its society Intention was strong made this area since five year(s) ago succeed from poorness circumference. Muba society do not want their area continuously enter into enters ”poorness map” South Sumatra Province, as had ever happened some times ago. In consequence, since December 2001, society of Muba kept together to develop its area, toward prosperous society.
The Muba Society Aspiration is in line with policy of region autonomy which is applied by central government. In accordance to trusteeship UU No 22 in 1999 is revised become UU No 32 in 2004 about region government, central government gives big opportunity to each territory to go forward and expands. The success depends to performance of each area leader. That means, in the era of area [of] autonomy a regional leader is challenged its capability in assesses exhaustively about its problem of government performance, problematical of its region, infroma division between center and region, opportunity and investment resistance in the region natural resources management and also about their area in the future.
Not only is that, in the autonomy era regional leader claimed to develop partnership with local society and also world society. This condition is because of every region has wide infroma, real and responsible in managements for natural resources potency that it has. The main purpose of natural resources management is to prosperous its society. See that fact, for sub-province of Muba actually is not impossible matter to realize its goal, by secede from poorness shackle. More over, several of potencies that exist in that area are amendable. With several of potencies that it contains in, Muba sub-province has strong reason for having focus intention and idealism develop its area to SMART society (Prosperous, Self-supporting, Fair, Religion, and Leading-edge). Natural resources owned by this sub-province are a potency to reach for success in region development. This area has several of potencies namely plantation sector, mining, and agriculture. If several of this potency is extractive of course, it can be a big potency in supporting dream and society aspiration sub-province of Muba, by realizes prosperity for whole society.
Various of potencies that it’s owned to be basic important thing to invite investment to Muba sub-province. Sector migas and coal mining can be made pledge. Not only that, plantation sector can be made as an investment target in crutches society economics Muba to secure and prosperous in the future. To dig all this potencies is required figure of a smart regent and has strategy that full of calculation in conducting its territory.
Care about people is required to absorb and dig potency that exists in society itself. To develop area ”poorness map” become a secure and prosperous sub-province need to work extra hard. Whole society potency should be known, to be studied, and extractived, on then to be moved. To reach that thing a regional leader has never behaved easy going. He should be pleased to go in and out to hinterland area. Visits society and talk about. Its target, to get input, idea, and idea owned by people is implemented in developing their area.
However idea from society will have integrity and the truth. Strength at people is big potency to support a development program. This Principle is holded firmness. Despitefully, activity of visit also useful to socialize programs that will be developed.
Coin supposing, visit to village has reciprocal meaning. Whereas can record aspiration and society potency. On the other side can socialize development program for making an effort and also to prosperous the society.
Develop interrelationship must be conducted continuously. Because, regional leader is not simply functionary that sit behind desk awaits subordinate report. In the era of globalization competition at this time a regional leader is claimed to become manager for government. He must become the end of government lance to move, make an effort, and make people prosperous in their area.
After examining various of its area potency, he has to also strive look for investor in order to various of its area potencies can be developed as a potential economic potential. So its wheel of regional economy can move off, and then urge its society to go to better life level and welcome secure and prosperous society.
This Hard work is keyword to develop Muba sub-province. This Keyword becomes very strategic if see economics situation home affairs Indonesia that is still bad. Hard work becomes keyword to search input source from investment. Old patterns tend to disregards hard work values are left. New various of formats just have to be created and developed as the strategy in ”sells” area potency. Several of breakthroughs must be done to find economic resources in subventions development dreamed of.
Various of these strategies have been conducted by regent of Muba together its society. Besides trying gain investor by creating information network through several of Medias, promotion packages and economy missions conducted also to some of areas in Indonesia. Not only some of potency owned by sub-province is promoted but also out country, like Chinese, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, and other European countries.
In the globalization era promotes it-self out country is a strategic step. At least, investor community overseas will know more about potential economic and natural resources potency owned by Muba sub-province. In other word, promote to overseas will be big benefit to get investment suitable with the needs of Muba sub-province.
Breakthrough and strategy were conducted have been enjoyed by Muba society. Visit and promotion which have been undergone the row of local government Muba sub-province to several of areas and also overseas have given a good result. Big investment, either on sector migas or plantation and mining has been reached for. Investors have inculcated its financial in Muba sub-province.
Singapore for example, a country that has network to several of countries in the world. Strategy is conducted in this country, not only invite investment but also conducted several  promotion activities that introduce potencies owned by Muba sub-province. Promotion Aspect is reached from several of activities in Singapore is collapsible duplicate. This condition is because of Singapore is the traffic world trade in Asia. As a result, make that lion country is able to access area product to foreign countries for on sale and at the same time draw investment to area where product is from, include into Muba sub-province.
This strategic Singapore position is exploited Muba sub-province to arrange, develops, and develops its area. This cause of several of countries in the world has wide delegation in Singapore, especially aspect of information network. The row of local government Muba sub-province realize of this condition. They convince, with to Singapore will be useful to penetrate information to European or America and big other countries, like Chinese, Japan, and Malaysia.
Besides never stops offering its area potency to several of countries, the row of local government Muba sub-province also focuses its attention to Jakarta. Its target, to come in contact with entrepreneurs big home affairs. If there is important meeting with entrepreneur home affairs and also overseas, the row of local government sub-province of Muba as if does not want to leave behind. They always follow it. At least to know network owned by entrepreneurs certain sector. Expected can be attempted the possibility of capital investment under going to area Muba sub-province.
 These steps are really vital importance matter, in order to make the investors know precisely what real potency that exist in area Muba sub-province. In globalization era that full of tight competition this time, every region does have to behave creatively to conduct breakthrough, either to promote its territory or to obtain investment.
 All of these are held with good integrated system planning and management system professional. Designed particularly when is the right time go around region, when is the exact time to promote the potential country, and also when should meet entrepreneurs to offer its region potency. Its principle, how can people know real potency owned by that area, if directly between owner’s capital and local Muba apparatus government officer?
 There is an interesting story in Muba sub-province, namely, about a regional company. Three month after becoming sub-province, born a business company through agency of regional property business (BUMD). This Company moves in the migas sector and other mining. Its name is, PT Petro Muba. With existence of various promotions, either inside or overseas, PT Petro Muba even also got investor. At this time for example, PT Petro Muba has frequently braided cooperation with Chinese government. Even it has also made joint venture to make point of entry (dot enter) in many business migas sector and trade. Its target, to water down the entry of other investment from outside country.
 To be realized, to develop sub-province of Muba needs all parties support. Begin at whole local government sub-province of Muba up to all Muba societies must give full support. However, a regional leader has limitation in planning and also develops its area. As [the] regent, be aware of this condition. In consequence, since a beginning that becomes its pledge is motivations strength [of] employees and also area functionary in the row of Muba sub-province. Tight fitting is conducted intensively to schedule and implements existing program. So, the basic of development can be created and developed by government sub-province of Muba, next is designed several of strategy and also breakthroughs to speed up that process of region development.
 There are several of weaknesses. Maybe same as in the other area, several of weaknesses are owned by the new row of local government sub-province to develop team work. See still many insuffiency; first priority is taken to cope improvement capability whole government officer Muba sub-province in order to reach main purpose in developing Muba. The way, do cooperation with college many parties. Such as those which have conducted at this time is cooperation with Sriwijaya University (Unsri) and Indonesia University (UI). This Cooperation focuses in the field of manpower resources improvement (SDM). Whereas in the plan development based on natural resources potency and lifting petroleum that exist in its area, Government sub-province Muba braids cooperation with Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB). As [the] quite wide area its agriculture, Muba Government sub-province Muba also conducted cooperation with agriculture Institute Bogor (IPB), specifically for development of agri-business area bases on society utilization.
Previously was impecunious
 Sub-province of Musi Banyuasin (Muba) currently known as the terrible area. More over, to be seen from its facet of society social living condition. Due to, poorness and human resources (SDM) that less potential shackles that area. Now, is a conducted repairman to system that accesses potency source and all accesses life. Is held to support local people economy.
This Condition becomes separate challenge for local government of Muba. When occupy at first time as regent, he intends and promises in five year forwards sub-province Muba secure and prosperous. This also becomes motto and aspiration inculcated, next become society intention sub-province Muba. With existence of this intention unity society Muba even also always copes secede from poorness shackle. By doing hard work together regency government of Muba, society intend its area must exit from poorness and can be parallel with other area that in advance enjoys ideal-life in societal.
In the past, looked at region broadness sub-province Muba felt difficult this area unharness from poorness shackle. It means, very difficult to move forward this area. Now with region enfoldment becomes two sub-provinces, Muba will speed up development to reach Muba secure and prosperous or [go] to Muba SMART, as the same manner as these area goals to be able to be same level or even abysmal development growth other sub-province in Indonesia.
Nevertheless, in its journey society Muba has succeeded develop its level of economics life. Muba society succeeds create its programs of social life. This Success fullness is due to of basic pattern development that is planned by sub-province of Muba. Since takes hold as [the] regent, he quickly perceives its potency and society character. Is conducted to look for strategy of development acceleration in the area. Strategy is applied first priority program educates and make an effort society. Until society education program is pursued and correction acceleration to utility of education is main goal.
Thus, don’t surprise, if at this time in sub-province Muba all school age children have already tasted education. Expected the coming generation in sub-province Muba will be filled by bright generations. Generation that good in science education that they have got currently. However root of poorness problem and disability manage natural resources currently in sub-province Muba is as consequence of few science owned by society. This Condition makes society always unable to manage its resources and area potency. The impact, society also that twines in poorness.
After developing education sector, other goal that is planned is to reach healthy society. There is one special program is made by government sub-province of Muba to keep its society in good health. Namely, by improving midwife role and doctor. They are employed by aid through fund APBD. After this program work, emerges other thought that is not merely availability paramedic that can make the society healthy. Nevertheless the more important is how to give education to society in order to let them know so importance of health for life.
From here the row of government sub-province of Muba would like to keep going to pursue their left behind currently, especially care about public health. Major attention is to society countryside that lives in spreading potential regions disease, like contagion. Family planning Program and program of fighting of spreading sources diffusion disease also becomes serious attention.
Society is given knowledge about several of disease potencies through counseling are conducted health government officer. They are expected to know how to manage environment that sometimes becomes source of disease appearance.
After several of that priority programs are conducted the next supporting program is made. At least, confronts two joyous supporting programs rural society in sub-province of Muba that is electrics program enters countryside and telephone program enters countryside. With existence of electrics program enters countryside more and more economics activities can be made by society. This rural economics Activity automatic becomes separate support capability for economics dynamics sub-province Muba.
At this time a large part of rural in sub-province of Muba has got electrical current. Though, currently that thing was impossible to be conducted. But, to the government aid sub-province of Muba electrics program enters success countryside to be conducted. This Program is applied with system of machine managed by district and government officer countryside, even have not yet altogether countryside accepted it.
Spectacular is entry of telephone network to villages, that becomes communication medium in sub-province of Muba with external region. As the same manner as generally other area, many farmer societies in Muba that help with that existence of telephone medium. As a result, they are able to conduct communication with entrepreneurs from outside area. So that, to conduct the transaction of merchandise agribusiness or agricultural produce that they manage.
Although that telephone network not all must install into resident houses, at least that communication medium can be managed through telephone-shop or telephone kiosk. Until rural society can communicate with cheaper expense. Expected in the coming years all this telephone communications can be done and finished its development, either by entrepreneurs or society it self.
Nevertheless, to upgrade service, Government sub-province of Muba has invited PT Telkom in order to make network of information interconnection so-called as [the] information system one roof. Its target for growing waters down service to society. Meanwhile Muba regency government has had website that bent on to create e-government that transparent.
It is true, several of amenities through this communication system can be just realized with existence capable of government official. In means, needed people that have capability, intellectual, and with vision of. This Guidance was made as basic point in sub-province of Muba at this time. For those who have yet had professional capability, it doesn’t mean they can’t take apart. Variously they are educated that government official instructed in order to getting the science/knowledge and knowledge and also deftness. Will learn. That’s keyword is emphasized to them.
Construction System is applied in the row of Muba government sub-province is always directed towards more stimuluses values professionalism their government official. With this pattern expected the government official in that area can speed up service to society. For example, computerization system has applied in giving service to society. So that this condition can speed up a period of service. That is entrepreneurs that want to get the various of letters from sub-province of Muba can be quicker served. Unnecessary, they wait prolonged. Meanwhile, employee will more professional. This Program called ”Program runs boisterous”.
Why this program becomes important. No other to pursue left behind. Currently sub-province of Muba has shacked up with its poorness shackle. To pursue their left is applied “Program runs boisterous”. To support all that programs the government official or civil public servant get special attention, especially for the man who realities works for developing Muba sub-province. Also, they are given school opportunity, especially if there is readiness to be more improves capability.
If the government official does want to, they will be sent to higher school with expense from government sub-province of Muba. In this case government sub-province of Muba undoubtedly to release expense, especially for the man who want to reach education S2 or school rung step by step.
The attention government sub-province of Muba is not only limited to it’s the government official. Is realized in moving development wheel and society economics Muba is the involvement of legislative community important role (DPRD), elite figure, and LSM. It is not strange, if regent Muba always asks opinion and idea from this community, especially in making development planning sub-province of Muba.
Their Criticism is made upon as input. Even assessed has big potency to develop sub-province of Muba. Because, from there will be able to obtain/get what actually insuffiency from several of programs that is implied by government sub-province. From there also can be detect, particular part that has fallen into oblivion by government sub-province.
Build society strength is strategy and strength separate in sub-province Muba. Society Strength comprehended as a big potency for continuity of development programs applied. All of these of course must be accompanied with hard willingness society for unharness of poorness shackle. However, if there is hard willingness, development is reached by. Regent, it self always convince society of Muba that will support program and policy to go to prosperity sub-province of Muba.


(Tr: Prihanto/Roctak)


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